Hillary and Donald Aren’t Coming to Thanksgiving

There was an eerie silence in Times Square November 9th. In the city that never sleeps, you could hear a pin drop at 1:00 am. No one spoke.

“God has given us another chance” I read in a post the next day. “I don’t think I can forgive them for voting for Trump,” said another. “How can we possibly believe in the same God while holding such opposing views?” “Maybe they aren’t really Christians.” “81% [...]

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Too Much….

This summer I began writing on a life-long interest, survival and resiliency, only to discover that my friend Penny Freeman was doing the same. Here are her thoughts:

I am learning about resiliency for my new life stage (sixth decade of life, fourth decade of marriage, having less energy, a weaker body, and grandchildren who expand my heart and my desire to run until I am dead).  Resiliency fascinates me because I am staring down [...]

And She Laughs at the Time to Come

My grandmother left the comforts of a close-knit family in Alberta, Canada for a missionary career in central Cuba. She was twenty-three years old, timid, and single when she first arrived in Cuba. Later, she married and while she never spoke unkindly about her husband, we knew life with him in ministry was not easy. Before I married and moved to Spain, I asked her what advice she had for me, a woman also [...]