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How Do We Experience Inner Soul Rest?

Is it possible to live with rhythms of work and rest in today’s society? More importantly, how do we experience inner soul rest? These questions surfaced after my last blog post, “Too Much.”

We’re not the only ones asking these questions. Time’s cover story last week was dedicated to the rising depression and anxiety in teens. The drama in junior and senior high school is magnified to a tipping point as teens struggle to [...]

Monday Morning Blues

This weekend I spoke at IMG_7548the Liberate 2015 Conference in Florida and Tami Resch, Abby Hutto and Maria Garriott, all Parakaleo girls, spoke at the Women’s Leadership Training Conference in Atlanta. This morning the four of us received the following [...]

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The Corner of Childhood and Harlem

Tall confidant radiating beauty

sees me

emerging from the taxi

velvet skin

the color of safety

greets me



I’m a child again

sitting on a hard wooden bench

ankle-socked legs



IMG_2684My multi-tasking mother plays the piano

simultaneously parenting

from her perch

on the hot humid platform


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Finding Your Place in God’s Cosmic Story

In this series of blog posts, I’ve been exploring the myths of story, the value of sharing our stories, and the importance of seeing our stories in light of God’s cosmic Story—the story of redemption.

Recall that the overarching story conveyed in the Bible is one of grace: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Restoration.

Creation can be characterized as a time of peace, or life as it was meant to be. The world was perfect. [...]

The Freedom of Remembering our Stories in Light of God’s Story

As we examine our stories in light of God’s Story, we come closer to seeing our triumphs and tragedies, sins and sanctification through a gospel lens.

We find our tragedies are redeemed and we are given a new name, a new family. Our frozen hearts are thawed, and we are invited to join in writing the rest of our story.

In his book Telling Secrets, Frederick Buechner writes,

[We must] keep [...]

Speaking of Story…

Earlier this month I was in Tacoma, Washington, my mother’s birthplace. Little did I know I was about to run headlong into my past and experience a stream of redemption washing back into history, my history.

I’ve often heard from my mom and grandfather how he left his church in Tacoma and his family of origin and moved to the Olympic Peninsula, where he established a mission church.  The version I know is that he [...]

God’s Story, My Story.

I GREW UP IN A FAMILY OF STORYTELLERS, and many of the stories told were from the Bible. I heard about two undisciplined sons who died for their folly and their fat, priestly father who obviously fathered poorly and did not care well for his people. Upon learning of his sons’ death, he fell over dead. I thought, “Les­son One: Don’t be foolish! Lesson Two: When I have kids, I better [...]

Does Looking at your Past Just Promote Narcissistic Navel Gazing?

In the next 4 blog posts, I will explore the value of seeing our own stories
in the light of the greater Story of the gospel.


I’m raising two toddlers. We are in the first year of our church plant, and you’re asking me to take time to look at my story! Are you serious?!

SO WHY THE AUDACITY to sug­gest looking at your past? How could this be an ideal time to do [...]

What Drives Us to Live the Way We Live?

I used to love May with its increasing warmer weather, greening grass and signs of summer right around the corner. I could hardly stick with bedtime routines, wanting the kids to enjoy the lengthening nights, fireflies and the first sounds of crickets.

Slowly, something shifted in May. What once was an enjoyable end-of- the-year teacher party (my kids drew pictures or took flowers to thank their teachers) turned into a full blown affair only an [...]