The Top Ten Ways to Stall, Stop or Destroy Good Communication

Growing up in a family of talkers, I didn’t really know what to do around people who didn’t talk or talked slowly. I would get nervous. And when I’m nervous I fill the empty silence with none other than – more words. Talk about destroying good communication, I’m quite the expert. If you too, want to stall, stop or destroy good communication try any of my top ten destroyers.

10. Ask questions that require only “Yes” or “No” answers.

9. Answer your own questions. Who needs an answer when you already have it?

8. Ignore the implications of your body language and lack of eye contact and ignore theirs.

7. Plan your responses while the other person is talking.

6. Presume to know what the other person is going to say.

5. Be vigilant to watch for opportunities to launch into autobiographical storytelling.

4. Be self-absorbed in your thoughts and unresolved personal issues.

3. Assume you know the root issues of the other person’s problems and that you have all the right answers.

2. Offer pat and cliché comments that discount, ridicule, and minimize the other person’s problems. If that doesn’t work, just slap on a random verse.

1. Laugh, yawn, answer texts while you say you are listening, and above all else, just keep talking.