Monthly Archives: July 2015

Lymphedema as an Open Platform

I received several emails after I posted the blog about struggling with lymphedema. Thank you for sharing so openly, trusting me with your stories and encouraging me in mine.

While I write openly about health issues, areas that I find much harder to navigate are ones that can’t be talked about publicly. Suffering is increased when we are alone, when others don’t understand or belittle our difficulty.

Entangled lawsuits, [...]

Faith on the 4th of July

I’m dripping with sweat as I maneuver through the crowded subway lugging my suitcase up and down stairs. I changed clothes so many times this morning that I’ve lost count of how many outfits were nixed. My problem? I have a lymphedema garment that reaches from toe to waist on my left leg and down my upper thigh on my right leg. It’s like wearing a personal heater in 90-degree weather. I’m heading to [...]