Monthly Archives: April 2015

Where Is the Manual for Pastors’ Wives?

“Where is the manual for pastors’ wives?” a young woman asked our Parakaleo group last week.

Just hearing the question, I knew a hard story would follow. It did, and confirmed my sense that her question couldn’t be answered in a how-to book.

I recognized the desire behind her question. It’s my desire and I imagine it’s yours, too. We want an instruction guide we can follow, something we can do that ensures a pain-free life. [...]

Five Years of Being Cancer Free

I’m waiting in the radiology room at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center downing my pre-scan cocktail all the while imaging a much more tasteful drink I plan on having with John later tonight. After this round of appointments we celebrate five years of being cancer free!

My journey with cancer has not been typical, if there is such a thing as typical. After being given my diagnosis I was asked back for another appointment, which was [...]