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A Lifestyle of Repentance: Part 2 – Worldly Sorrow, Godly Sorrow, and True Reconciliation

What does it mean to live a lifestyle of repentance?  Often, we are inclined to pursue a lifestyle of resolve, not repentance, thinking that if we just try harder, we will stop sinning and thus earn God’s favor. We believe too much in the power of our active righteousness—our ability to change our behavior.  What we need is a hunger for Christ’s passive righteousness—the spotless record Jesus has already achieved. He gives his children [...]

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A Lifestyle of Repentance: Part 1 – Trusting in Christ’s Righteousness, Not our Efforts

I don’t like the word “repentance.”

I used to immediately be on guard when the topic surfaced. The first time I admitted my aversion to other pastors’ wives I was surprised to discover I wasn’t the only one with a “word dissociative disorder.”  Just say repentance and some of us go into a catatonic trance or retreat to a safe mental space. Why the strong reaction? As women married to the pastor, there are times [...]

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