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The Freedom of Remembering our Stories in Light of God’s Story

As we examine our stories in light of God’s Story, we come closer to seeing our triumphs and tragedies, sins and sanctification through a gospel lens.

We find our tragedies are redeemed and we are given a new name, a new family. Our frozen hearts are thawed, and we are invited to join in writing the rest of our story.

In his book Telling Secrets, Frederick Buechner writes,

[We must] keep [...]

Speaking of Story…

Earlier this month I was in Tacoma, Washington, my mother’s birthplace. Little did I know I was about to run headlong into my past and experience a stream of redemption washing back into history, my history.

I’ve often heard from my mom and grandfather how he left his church in Tacoma and his family of origin and moved to the Olympic Peninsula, where he established a mission church.  The version I know is that he [...]