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God’s Story, My Story.

I GREW UP IN A FAMILY OF STORYTELLERS, and many of the stories told were from the Bible. I heard about two undisciplined sons who died for their folly and their fat, priestly father who obviously fathered poorly and did not care well for his people. Upon learning of his sons’ death, he fell over dead. I thought, “Les­son One: Don’t be foolish! Lesson Two: When I have kids, I better [...]

Does Looking at your Past Just Promote Narcissistic Navel Gazing?

In the next 4 blog posts, I will explore the value of seeing our own stories
in the light of the greater Story of the gospel.


I’m raising two toddlers. We are in the first year of our church plant, and you’re asking me to take time to look at my story! Are you serious?!

SO WHY THE AUDACITY to sug­gest looking at your past? How could this be an ideal time to do [...]