Monthly Archives: March 2014

The Joys of Church Planting

A few Sundays ago we walked to the #2 subway line, headed to Penn station, caught a train to Flushing and arrived in Asia in less than 45 minutes.  Actually, we were visiting Kings Cross, a new church plant in Queens, Only the travel time belied the fact that we were still in NYC.  It’s one of the things I love about living in this city and that I also love about [...]

Contempt is like an Undiscovered Cancer – Part 2

You don’t see it or even feel it’s effects before it threatens to kill your relationships.  Contempt has many faces and is easily masked:

  • Asking your spouse to do a task and then criticizing how it was done
  • Asking his/her opinion, but then seeking someone else’s. If you are getting input from several sources on a difficult topic, say so before hand.
  • Discussing his/her shortcomings especially in front of others without knowing if they’re ready to engage [...]