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Thankful for Being Frigid

Winter came early to NYC this year. Gusts of snow flurries greeted us as we exited the subway Saturday night. The shimmering yellow leaves outside our apartment usually cast a hue of gold lasting till Christmas. Sunday I awoke to a void of color. The wind had stripped the trees bare.

This year is different. It’s not just the early winter. My world has shifted.

I feel cold

Yes, that bone chilling cold that sneaks under [...]

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Confused About Calling?

Last week John and I were steering close to a heated conversation on the topic of calling when we caught ourselves. It’s a subject that elicits a plethora of subtopics and unwittingly provokes reactions, especially when I’m in the room.  John and I are not the only ones who wrestle with this topic, nor is it a new issue. Women through the centuries have struggled with their place in the church and how to [...]