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Our Top Training Tips

Next week we are off to Destin Florida for our Leaders Training Event. After 8 years of training, we’re now training trainers. Here are our top twelve tips.

12. Send pre-work ahead of time.

This saves on laborious instructions, preps people for what will be taking place, and communicates a field of knowledge you would like them to be familiar with before they arrive. Your time together can now focus on training.

11. Ban power point [...]

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How Organized Do You Have To Be?

The last holiday of the summer is over.  You might be eagerly awaiting the rhythm that fall brings to your life. Or you may already feel ambushed by the school projects coming home in the kids backpacks, the church and school calendars, not to mention the many extra-curricular activities your kids can so easily acquire.

Prior to each school year I would begin working on the new fall schedule. I thought if I could come [...]

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Are You a Good Listener? Part 3

Asking Good Questions

My last two posts have been on listening.  And yes there are plenty of times when we have no space left to listen to another person which we’ll discuss later. Tami Resch, my colleague, has written an excellent module on Good Questions.

Good Questions Engage the Heart

If our goal is to engage the heart, then our questions must be clear, direct, and compassionate. [...]

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Are You a Good Listener? Part 2

The Top Ten Ways to Stall, Stop or Destroy Good Communication

Growing up in a family of talkers, I didn’t really know what to do around people who didn’t talk or talked slowly. I would get nervous. And when I’m nervous I fill the empty silence with none other than – more words. Talk about destroying good communication, I’m quite the expert. If you too, want to stall, stop or destroy good communication try any [...]

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Are You a Good Listener? Part 1

I had been looking forward to meeting another couple who were also planting a church. I imagined we all needed someone else with whom we could confide but the guy just wouldn’t shut up. He kept going on and on about the great things the Lord was doing, and through him of course. Looking back, I wonder if he just didn’t know how to stop talking. It was a good wake up call for [...]

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