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Could it be that we are actually invited into a bigger story, one much larger than just our own? One where we have been uniquely designed to join God in bringing hope and transformation to a broken world?  Honestly, this didn’t sound so grand when I had crying babies, hungry toddlers and bible studies in my home late into the night. Sure, there were some days where I could see beyond the chaos and envision what God might be about in my corner of the world. But, too, there were (and still are) those days when I stumble about wondering what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and how it all fits. And so I write. I write to remember God’s rescue. I write when I catch glimpses of redemption. I write because I’m on a journey of understanding and experiencing God’s delight. I write because I imagine you, too, are on a similar journey.


Starting and leading a church regardless of your role, isn’t for the faint hearted. Yet, knowing that our identity is fixed firmly in Christ (and not in who we are or what we accomplish), changes everything!  As children of God, joined to Christ, and filled with his righteousness, we are now a delight to our Father. And that, my friends, is liberating…. when I actually believe this truth! For when I view life through this lens, I begin to heal and relate to others without demands, quick fixes or shaming tactics. I need others who understand the intensity of this crazy thing called ‘church planting’. I need others who cling to these truths. I’m guessing you do too.

About Shari Thomas

Shari Thomas
Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Teacher

Shari was born and raised in the Caribbean in a church planting culture. The granddaughter, daughter, and wife of a church planter, she isn’t quite sure whether she has a love for the church or just can’t escape it. However, she’s thrown her lot in with the church, because Jesus does. She writes, speaks, and trains church leaders. With the help of a fabulous team, she leads Parakaleo, a ministry that comes alongside church planting spouses and couples. After being involved in church plants in multiple countries, she and her husband, John, reside in Manhattan, NY where John is the director of global training for City to City. Read More…

Some of Shari's Favorites

It is a very lonely life that a (wo)man leads, who becomes aware of truths before their times.
– Thomas Brackett Reed

There were moments…when it seemed that all one could be asked was just to keep the ashtrays clean, the bed made, the wastebaskets emptied, as if one never got to the real things because of the constant exhausting battle to keep ordinary life from falling apart.
– May Sarton

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